Sources of the SAJF Scholarship Application Forms


Scholarship Application Forms for the 2018 academic year SAJ Foundation Scholarship programs are the main tool of acceptance. The second annual scholarship offer comes in the form of two (2) $100,000 awards to the two most outstanding applicants. Additionally, the previous winners will be awarded their second year scholarship awards upon submitting their progress report to the foundation.

The SAJF scholarship application forms are available only on the web on this website and on online scholarship portal. Click to download the SAJF scholarship-application Form and SAJ Foundation Scholarship Program Outline.

The SAJF application forms must be completed regardless of the type of assistance in which the student is interested in. For all scholarship and programmes of assistance, the application will be considered by the SAJF Scholarship Assistance Committee who will, based on the information provided by the student, determine which programme of assistance will be offered.

Persons from whom references may be obtained

References for your SAJF scholarship application forms can be obtained from a representative in any of the following categories:

  • Senior member of the academic staff (e.g. lecturer)
  • Student Services & Development Managers (SSDM)
  • School Student Counselors (Health Center)
  • Justices of the Peace
  • Ministers of Religion
  • High School Principals

Qualification Criteria

The following are the general conditions which must be met before a favorable consideration will be given to any application under the scholarship assistance programme:

  • The applicant must be entering their first year of college
  • The applicant must prove that he/she is unable to meet their financial obligations for tuition purposes.
  • The applicant forms for application must be completed with a passport size photo.
  • The applicant MUST be a Jamaican student and or living or working in Jamaica for the past five (5) years.
  • Email completed applications to

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