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How to apply for a scholarship by SAJF?

This is how to apply for our SAJF awards!

First, you need to begin your application process by mid-January of each year. The deadline for our scholarships varies and are listed on each scholarship offer. It is a common practice to close all scholarships by end of May each year.

Improve your chance of winning a scholarship by applying early and by seeking out the opportunities before they are open to the public by keeping in touch with the SAJF team.

Why Apply

Application for a SAJF Scholarship is FREE! and easy. We seek funding and receive donations through fundraisers and founder donations just for this purpose with you in mind and there is no catch

We are proven as scholarship providers in the region by helping students win college funding. Start applying for scholarships you are already qualified for. It’s up to you to apply but with SAJF, you are never on your own.

 Step 1.

When you apply for SAJF scholarship, all documents and forms become the property of Soraya Amy Jackson Foundation.
Download and print our scholarship application form to apply for a scholarship. Get the SAJ Foundation Application Form.


Step 2.

Complete all aspects of the SAJF application form along with the required essay or any other application requirements associated with the specific scholarship offer to successfully apply for the award. (The application form must be signed by the student and parent/guardian – if under 18 years old).


Step 3.

Submit completed application forms via email to The Soraya Amy Jackson Foundation at email address along with:

    • Completed SAJF application form
    • One passport size picture
    • Completed essay(s)
    • Most recent school report
    • Completed resume with listed volunteer activities
    • Proof that you are enrolled or received acceptance to enroll in school (college, university or secondary schools)
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