About the Foundation

SAJF, the Soraya Amy Jackson Foundation is a Connecticut, USA based non-for-profit that is funded in part by Milton and Tara Jackson in memory of their daughter Soraya Amy Jackson and her fight against cancer.

The SAJF, via its various fundraising methods shall establish and provide annual scholarships awards and grants for urban and rural students and/or their caregivers, within the United States, or the Caribbean, primarily Jamaica whose lives have been affected by cancer and/or poverty.

The mission of the SAJF is to provide a system of support for Jamaica students through education financing in the form of Scholarships, grants, career counseling and educational seminars.


SAJF Values

SAJF and its founders employ and share the following core values that guide decision making on a daily basis in donating scholarships or through other outreach activities:

Professionalism: We aspire to work hard to improve the lives and standard of children and to deliver on our commitments

Teamwork: Through teamwork we can engage in social and economic development.

Education: We believe education is the cornerstone to choice and opportunity for all to reach their full potential and to create an enhanced and sustainable quality of life

Integrity: We aspire to always display honesty and never to compromise our reputation

Appreciation: We are grateful for the support we receive from all sponsors and donors.

Collaboration: We emphasize collaboration and partnership with organizations, the government, and non-profit organizations to create meaningful assistance to children.

Charitable: contributions from people like you will make it possible for us to support these programs for children, and so much more. Please support our mission and work, you can count on us to be good stewards of your generous donations in helping where the need is greatest.

Accountability: As stewards of funds and resources to assist students our mandate is for full transparency, good governance, legal and regulatory compliance and proper financial accounting.